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Applied Physics

Collection of resources from MERLOT that lead to assisting in the deliery of lectures with the multimedia, animations, and graphical boost



NS-101 Applied Physics @ ME_DSU

First semester course for BE (Mechanical) students with 3 credit hours of theory and 1 credit hour (3 contact hours) of lab activity

Text book = Fundamentals of Physics
Authors = Halliday, Resnick and Walker
Edition = 8th, 9th, 10th


Basic Mathematics, Sciece proficiency at the matriculation/high school level

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Course Resources

  • Physlets
    Physlets (Collection)
    Educational physics applets designed to be scripted in JavaScript for use in quizzes, homework problems, and Just in... More
  • Assessing-to-Learn Physics
    The Assessing-to-Learn Physics (A2L) web site contains a library of questions and problems for classroom use. Questions... More
  • PhET - Physics Education Technology at the University of Colorado
    A collection of simulations and virtual labs focusing on first-year college physics. An interview with the award winning... More
  • Physics Illuminations
    A collection of Java applets with accompanying text designed to help students understand concepts in introductory... More
  • Math And Physics Applets
    This site provides a large selection of physics and math simulations. There is also fairly comprehensive explanatory... More
  • Flash Animations for Physics
    The resource contains many Flash physics animations covering topics such as chaos, mechanics, vectors, waves,... More
  • Some General Physics Java Applets
    Java applets to help understanding of some basic physics ideas. Applets deal with simple harmonic motion, wave motion,... More
  • ActivPhysics OnLine
    ActivPhysics OnLine (Simulation)
    Interactive tutorials based on simulations involving all topics in introductory physics.  This is developed to support... More
  • BrainPop Health, Science, Technology Animation for Kids
    A collection of movies (which often contain online quizzes) about a large number of technical subjects, including... More
  • JAVA Optics Course
    JAVA Optics Course (Simulation)
    JavaOptics is an ensemble of teaching resources for Physical Optics at university level as part of physics or optics and... More
  • Converging Lens Images (physics)
    Illustrates image formation by a converging lens. Allows interactive adjustment of variables
  • Diverging Lens Images (physics)
    Illustrates image formation by a diverging lens.
  • Doane Physics Video Library
    A small collection of videos showing objects in motion.  Both Quicktime movies and Flash Vid-Dat files are provided. ... More
  • Physics Animations: Electricity and Magnetism
    An evolving and growing collecion of 3-D animations for introductory Electricity and Magnetism
  • Circular motion and Simple harmonic motion (Physics)
    Presentation of circular and simple harmonic motion.