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BrainPop Health, Science, Technology Animation for Kids

BrainPop Health, Science, Technology Animation for Kids

A collection of movies (which often contain online quizzes) about a large number of technical subjects, including physics, chemistry, and engineering. Most appear to use Shockwave.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is now a charge for using this material.


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A Barrera
A Barrera (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago
I've used this many times while tutoring students grades 1-8. Students like the animated video tutorials. great interactive resource with lots of activities.
Jim Bidlack
Jim Bidlack (Faculty)
9 years ago

It was a beautiful site, very eye-catching. Even though it has a lot of animations, the site is still simple to navigate. I enjoyed the games, and had a lot of fun.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes.
Dawn Giannoni
Dawn Giannoni (Consultant)
12 years ago
The Site is fantastic! Since one of my speializations is brain-based education, I found this an extremely usable Web resource, with just dozens and dozens of great links and activities! Beyond this under the "free-stuff" link is a link called "Brain Pop for Educators". Wonderful things await the teacher that will utilize these resources.

Technical Remarks:

Very easy to navigate and to use. I found that all apsects of the technical navigating to be designed appropriatedly and extremely efficient for students and teachers alike!
Ana Castorena
Ana Castorena (Student)
13 years ago
This is a great low anxiety way for studets to access information. Visual and audio learners can enjoy animated movies and acquire knowledge on different subjects. Students would have to join inorder to access all movies. Due to vocabulary maybe suitable for older students.

Technical Remarks:

Home page was crowded and flashy, great for children. Maybe difficult to walk students through to where they need to go.
Time spent reviewing site: 10 mins.
Dawn Garippo
Dawn Garippo (Student)
15 years ago
I navigated through BrainPop. This was an interactive site that featured videos for student learning, quizzes to test pre-post video, and review quizzes to help students learn more about a particular subject. I viewed the English section of BrainPop. Everything from simple writing techniques to specific literature reviews is offered. The subscription for a school access is slightly out of my range and would require me to ask for a grant. The teacher access is more affordable, for $175.00. This allows two teachers access for 12 months and 3 computer simulations. The great news is that the list of New York State schools that currently utilize BrainPop is quite extensive. This site is most definitely addicting. Reviewing how some teacher’s utilize this site gave great inspirational tools.
Carissa Morin
Carissa Morin (Student)
16 years ago
Looking through this website, I find it very fun, interesting, and informative.
I think it is a great site to use in the classroom, at home, or just for fun.
It has all kinds of subjects and is very easy to navigate. I love how this site
teaches with videos that not only allow kids to hear and see how things work
but are also very colorful and eye-catching. The only issue with this website
is that it costs to have access to the whole site, but I definetly think it is
worth it.
Used in course? Yes