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Ecological Footprint Quiz

Ecological Footprint Quiz

This site offers users the opportunity to take a brief quiz that assesses the extent of their "ecological footprint," which is the extent to which their daily life practices affect the earth.  The quiz is available in 6 languages.  Results tell users how many planets would be necessary to support all human beings living at the user’s current standard of living.  The site also offers an opportunity to virtually set aside part of the planet for wildlife/plant diversity to examine how that affects possible standards of living for human beings.  After users receive the quiz results, they can also read suggestions for a range of ways they can reduce their ecological footprint, from the everyday to the political.


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Miguel Zuñiga Corbett
Miguel Zuñiga Corbett (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

El link ofrece un test para realizar el cálculo de la huella ecológica personal, la que indica finalmente como cada uno de nosotros influencia a la tierra (medioambiente) a través de nuestro accionar diario.