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Recent Reports on the Digital Divide

Recent Reports on the Digital Divide

The "Digital Divide" describes the gap between individuals and communities with greater and lesser access to technology resources and training. The site includes a summary article on the digital divide with additional useful links that explore the nation’s successes in bridging the divide as well as the challenges it faces in determining next steps.... Show More


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Daniel Filcek
Daniel Filcek (Student)
15 years ago
The Digital Divide is an issue that is not just a problem in elementary, middle and high schools that can not afford the latest technology. I think it is also a huge issue in college and even in the workplace. I have personal seen students at a disadvantage because they could not afford their own computer, yet the classes they had required them to use a computer. They had access to one, yes but owning your own computer saves time that some students (and adults) just don't have. I think that it's important that we all read and understand the issues when it comes to the Digital Divide.