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Super 3D Mitosis Animation

Super 3D Mitosis Animation

Incredible 3D animation of the phases of mitosis, with realistic looking 3D models - is about 9 MB in size.


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Barbra Bied Sperling
Barbra Bied Sperling (Administrator)
15 years ago
This is a pretty cool resource. I like the fact that the video is of good quality. this makes it easier to see what is going on. I think I would use this to give the students a better idea of the process. I can explain it to the students all day, but this gives them a better idea of what the process really looks like.
John Colicelli
John Colicelli (Faculty)
5 years ago

This short animation of is fun to look at, but disappointing as a teaching resource. The names of mitosis stages appear, but none of the cell substructures are labeled. There is no narration.

Used in course? Yes
pyle tena
pyle tena (Teacher (K-12))
6 years ago
In growth cells divide by mitosis. Mitosis is the way in which any cell,plant or animal,divides when an organism is growing ,repairing a damaged part of a body.
Daniel MacDevitt
Daniel MacDevitt (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

This video provides a great visual of what's going on in the cell. However, the speed of the presentation and the way it zooms in on different organelles makes me think that this is best saved for after a few preliminary lessons on Mitosis so the students can see what they learned in action.

Time spent reviewing site: 3 minutes
Marianna Paolini
Marianna Paolini (Faculty)
14 years ago
Help! The site is amazing, but I was unable to find a search to find the mitosis 3d animation. Can anyone assist? Thanks Marianna
Maria Alejandra Lucero
15 years ago
By far the best mitosis animation I've seen. I can't wait to use this in the classroom. It'll really help students visualize the process.
sepalika wickremasinghe
15 years ago
Awesome, would be very beneficial to the ELD class I taught last semester.
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia (Student)
15 years ago
The Best 3D animation yet. Its very unique. I think students would really like this.
Maryanne Duttarer
Maryanne Duttarer (Student)
15 years ago
I wish my teachers had showed us this video when I was in science. It is excellent at showing what happens during the different stages of mitosis.
Katie Navarrette
Katie Navarrette (Student)
15 years ago
An excellent illustration of what happens at the cellular level. Can be especially helpful for ELL students who may have difficult with a standard text.
Leigh-Ann King
Leigh-Ann King (Student)
15 years ago
Beautiful, three dimensional view of cell division. Great way to show students an alternative view of mitosis, rather than staring a 2-D page in a book.