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S.O.S. Mathematics--Algebra

S.O.S. Mathematics--Algebra

A collection of review materials for algebra, including sample exercises and detailed solutions.


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Carlos castro
Carlos castro (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

Desde un comienzo el nombre es llamativo... S.O. S matemática... cuantos no son las personas que se han sentido asi alguna vez???

es un estado recurrente para el mundo. Empezamos la exploración por este sitio y visualizamos que sumamente amigable, enfoado para un publico de primaria, es un complmento perfecto para llevar acabo el proceso de conocimiento y asimilación de conceptos, tiene una interfaz sumamente manejable y muy agradable para la vista.

La forma pedagogica de abordar los temas, estan trabajados sumanete claro y se logra el objetivo de llegar a ese publico que se encuentra en las diferentes edades.

Sitio recomendable para complementarlo con cualquiera de los cursos de primaria, inclusive llevar a cabo el proceso con esta pagina por un par de años.

Accesibilidad y entretención son casi una garantia en este sitio.


Lawrence Wang
Lawrence Wang (Student)
12 years ago
a. I found out that this material consists of lots examples and samples. b. It should accurately present concepts since the examples and samples should help to bring back what we learned before. c. If used appropriately, learning will be enhanced since the examples and samples are good refreshers for most of the students. d. It should be felt easy to use since good examples and samples are quick refreshers, guidances and references.

Technical Remarks:

Need to get familiar with how to quickly find out appropriate examples and samples to fulfill the learning requirements.
Time spent reviewing site: 60 minutes
Pauline Chang
Pauline Chang (Student)
14 years ago
Scolling through this website was not as fun as I thought it was going to be. I was expecting more of this website as its name screams "S.O.S." though it was not much help to me. It wasn't a complete lost as there are useful information but I felt that the information wasn't enough or complete for me personally. I was hoping to use it as a resource or tool to help me more in my math studies and final, but it seems to lack a great deal of information. The title does not seem as fitting. I was a little disappointed in this site. Perhaps those that are better in math would find this site more helpful and can use it as a refresher tool, but not for those like myself that needs more help in the math area.
Elaine Aguilar
Elaine Aguilar (Student)
14 years ago
I spent two hours browsing and reviewing my Algebra skills on this webpage and found it to be useful but that it didn't provide enough step-by-step detail for my needs. The topics are clearly outlined and the information was simplified, but it was difficult to interpret some of the content and figure out how the author came to some of their conclusions. This particular website would be good for someone who just needs a brief review of past Algebra material, but would not be a good source to refresh the concepts if you struggled in Algebra because there isn't quite enough detail and explanation. First time users will find using the software easy to use because its straightforward and user-friendly. What will be difficult is locating this website directly from the sub-categories provided by MERLOT. It's easier to do a search on "Algebra review".
Used in course? Yes