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Tie-Dyed Milk (Surfactant Lab)

This lab shows how soap responds to lipids (such as the ones found in milk). It is a great way to introduce students to lipids, polar vs. nonpolar substances, and micelles which can lead to an explanation for the phospholipid bilayer of a cellular membrane. This lab is quick and easy and the kids love it! Great for all ages, because it is easily adaptable to any grade. Here's my lesson plan I wrote up: Standard 1.h. Students know most macromolecules (polysaccharides, nucleic acids, proteins, lipids) in cells and organisms are synthesized from a small collection of simple precursors. Standard 1.a. Students know cells are enclosed within semi permeable membranes that regulate their interaction with their surroundings. Time: Discussion about soap and lipids (10-15 minutes) Laboratory (10-15... Show More


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