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Sage American History - The Ante Bellum, Expansion, Civil War Era

Sage American History - The Ante Bellum, Expansion, Civil War Era

This is a free, online textbook that also offers links to Documents and External Links.  "This part of American history, known as the ante-bellum (before war) era, begins with expansion and the great migration across the continent west of the Mississippi. The idea of manifest destiny—that the United States was bound sooner or later to occupy the entire North American Hemisphere—came of age in the 1840s. It began with the annexation of...

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Frank Kelderman
Frank Kelderman (Student)
11 years ago

"Academic American History" is a clearly organized and manageable collection of documents, outside links, and introductory texts to antebellum American History (1840-1865). It will be of value as a place to find easily legible transcripts of primary documents, especially pertaining to the American Civil War. The collection highlights some of the more well-known events and documents pertaining to this period, but is by no means exhaustive, and limits American history of this period almost exclusively to the Mexican War and the (the events leading up to the) Civil War. Also, the introductory texts are quite general and the presentation of the primary documents offers little in terms of contextualization. For these reasons "Academic American History" will be beneficial mostly as a broad introduction to this period in American history.


Technical Remarks:

The website is easy to navigate, although it looks somewhat rudimentary and a few of the links didn't work when I reviewed the website.