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This presentation will help the learner grasp basic concepts about the game of soccer.  Great for grades 6-12.


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Steve Adler
Steve Adler (Staff)
10 years ago

Jenni McGrogan Soccer101StAIR Your presentation does not open as a straight presentation; it opens as a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation is read only so people can’t alter it. Your StAIR buttons are hard to hit, you have just the letter linked and not the whole answer. I don’t really understand that I get the question wrong when it is wrong. Your heading just says Con’t it doesn’t really give me a big answer of wrong. When you get a answer correct it doesn’t say you did it correct it just goes right on to the next question. Your content is good and I really like all the links you give us that lead to instructional videos. The videos offered a nice visual and audible learning strategy. The whole stair flowed very well and was easy to understand. I think that you whole stair has a inviting look to it. The colors make me more interest in the topic (soccer). You could make you stair better by adding in some more information, after a student gets a question wrong, of what they did wrong and how they can fix it. Over all good job Jenni

Jodi Satovsky
Jodi Satovsky (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Quality of Content

This Soccer 101 StAIR is a great tool for someone who has not learned the game of soccer or who needs a quick refresher. It is very informative and to the point. Information is well written and accurate.

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching-Learning Tool

The use of video, diagrams and clearly written descriptions are a great combination of strategies. This will be effective for students with a variety of different learning styles. Students at the high school level will be very successful with this learning tool. They can use it at home or in the classroom as long as they have an internet connection. When answers are incorrect, students will get appropriate redirection and feedback. Feedback is also given for correct answers. This presentation would be a good tool for teachers to use with students. I can imagine it would make for a great interactive lesson especially for students who are not as adept with their reading.

Ease of Use

This presentation is very easy to navigate. The buttons and links to the videos are all clear to see on the pages. Time

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes