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Basic Webpage Elements

Basic Webpage Elements

Learn the basic webpage elements (tags), including:

who standardized these elements how to view them in a browser what are the basic elements, and the correct order for placement w/in a document


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Heather Bradlee
Heather Bradlee (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Overall, there are several strengths to this StAIR. It will be reviewed on quality of content, potential effectiveness as a teaching-learning tool, and ease of use. First of all, the content contained useful information. It appears to present valid concepts, models, and skills. Information is provided about the organization that sets the standards for web pages, how to look at the code beneath the pages, and about the basic tags. It is a handy resource for a quick and basic look at elements in web pages. This StAIR is effective as a potential teaching-learning tool. It presents the information and has several different types of activities to test students’ knowledge. These activities include choose the correct answer, matching, and sequencing. Towards the end of the tutorial, it summarized what the students learned. The presentation was effective for ease of use; the viewer will not get distracted by unnecessary graphics or images. I found the background color of green very appealing. The labels, buttons, and general layout of the computer interface are consistent in this StAIR. The transition of text in the StAIR kept my attention. There is a suggestion of how ‘Basic Webpage Elements’ can be improved to make this resource more useful. When the learner chooses a wrong answer, immediate feedback is lacking on why the answer was incorrect. The viewer has to wait until the very end of the StAIR to review correct and incorrect answers to the quiz activities. I feel that a teachable moment is lost when you have to wait until the very end to get feedback. However, this StAIR was well done and I would recommend it to others for viewing.

Erin Michalak
Erin Michalak (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Feedback for STAIR Cheryl Butler-Basic Web Page Elements Quality of Content The lesson presented in this STAIR showed accurate information on basic web page elements. Potential Effectiveness as a Teacher-Learning Tool This STAIR could be very effective for a teacher. The information was presented first, then a question was asked and it repeated that process for the entire presentation. I really liked the comprehensive review at the end. It also shared with you how many you got correct and gave a percent. Ease of Use The presentation automatically scrolled through. It was easy to see what you had to do to answer the question. I really liked how you used different avenues for selecting an answer, it made it more interesting. I loved the program that you used, very cool!