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Common Core State Standards introduction

Common Core State Standards introduction

The lesson is designed as a first-time introduction and overview of the Common Core State Standards for K-12 mathematics educators.


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Hyewon Lee
Hyewon Lee (Student)
11 years ago

This material is well designed for helping math teachers in the district improve their understanding of the Common Core State Standards. As an introductory lesson, this material would be very helpful for math teachers to become more familiar with the Standards. The instructional objectives are clearly articulated, which contains several steps of understanding the Standards, ranging from definition of the Standards to their application to a real unit. The described essential content and the procedure are well suited for achieving the instructional objectives step by step. For instance, I think that the webcast provided by the author is a good example of delivering the content with multiple media, which might help the audience accomplish hands-on activities related to the topic. It would be better to provide clear and direct information or instructions about “designing a unit of study using the Standards” in the section of “an evaluation consisting of a test or observation.” For instance, you can specify what types of technology will be used, how the unit will be developed, what your expectations are, and so on. In general, this material has clear-cut objectives for the target audience and the content flow is quite reasonable for achieving the objectives.

Technical Remarks:

It seems that this material does not require much knowledge on technologies and high level of computer skills. I am pretty sure that if the participants have some basic computer skills, there will be no problem to go through this material. However, I think that there might be some ways to implement computer technology into the material more dynamic regardless of the participants’ proficiency levels in computer skills. For instance, the author mentioned group discussions from socialization perspectives throughout this material. It might be an alternative way to ask the groups to do their discussions using online chatting tools such as Skype, MSM Messenger, Google Buzz, or Vyew, take screenshots, and share them with other groups. Also, it might be good to ask the participants to create and keep e-portfolios using blogs or Google Sites throughout the process of designing and constructing a unit of study using the Standards.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Spike Braunius
Spike Braunius (Student)
11 years ago

Built to answer the real world need of creating awareness of the Common Core State Standards among Mathematics teachers. Although I've not used this lesson plan it is clearly set up and has a strong motivational component. Hence it will deliver the instructional objectives.

Technical Remarks:

This is not a heavy technical driven lesson plan. Some basic background is needed in word processing, web casts and internet.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes