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Lesson Plan: Univariate Statistics (Visual Representations), Student generated content via WIki

Lesson Plan: Univariate Statistics (Visual Representations), Student generated content via WIki

A simple lesson in which students are asked to research various visual representations of univariate statistics.  Students are asked to work collaboratively on a wiki page to present the representations.  Focus is given to:

1. Constructing the representation.  

2. Explaining the relative strengths and weaknesses

3. Applying the representations to a "real world" context



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Kelly Taunt
Kelly Taunt (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

Sounds realistic and engaging.  You bring up a good point about publishing to the world vs. just to you as the teacher.  I think the idea of a group work project after learning a skill set is a great idea.  The lesson incorporates many different kinds of pedagogy, and many skills sets for students.

With the amount of time that it takes to set up a wiki, I wonder how you have them reference this page again.  Would this be something that year after year would get added onto?  How would all students set up a wiki (if this is the main skill set) or is one person setting it up for the group?

I am curious to how this turns out for you.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
David Crewes
David Crewes (Student)
7 years ago

Useful in so many ways.  Not only is the ability to recognize, interperate and understand different types of visual data explored (ACT, MEAP, SAT), but the collaborative aspect is explored as well.  Great lesson!  The wiki collaboration is a nice touch.  I don't have any experience with wikis, and to tell you the truth, after trying to put some of them together for CEP 811 for the first time, I'm not loving this part right now.  I didn't find setting up my own wiki page pleasant at all.  Maybe a bit more patience and time to heal those wounds.  That being said, students may find using wikis a bit difficult if not properly introduced and guided through them.  This is probably for a more familiar wiki user.  My own fears aside, I think this would be a fantastic lesson plan if students were comfortable with the format.

Technical Remarks:

Even though this pains me to say, more and more emphasis is, and will be, placed on standardized testing.  Many of the questions on the science and math portion of the MEAP, ACT, and SAT are based on data interpretation from graphs, tables and illustrations.  This would be a great way to hit the content areas, but at the same time, introduce and nuture the problem solving aspect of recognizing univarient data.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes