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Word Unit A StAIR

Word Unit A StAIR

A PowerPoint presentation to help students with beginning Word 2007 that includes audio, flash and live web pages.


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Samantha Forster
Samantha Forster (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This tutorial was extremely aestheticly pleasing!  I was impressed with the basic tools you used and how great the appealed to the user's eye right from the first slide.  However, as I begin to use/view the presentation that initial appeal wore off.  The content was great; however, one slide was blank and there was no advance button.  Also, I could not get any of the games to work, and black window appeared and I did download the player requested on the first slide.

I also wonder what age group this is directed towards, most high school and even middle school students know to how to use these basic fuctions of microsoft word or any other document composing program.

That being said, I was very impressed with your creative use of screen shots added to the slides, I never thought of doing that.  You could of also inserted a screencast video to simulate the saving process?

Emily Reba
Emily Reba (Faculty)
10 years ago

This is an excellent resource for introducing certain aspects of the Word program to students. I absolutely loved the visual and audio aspects. Hearing as well as seeing the information is something that, as an ESL teacher, I prize greatly. The material was well scaffolded and easy to follow. After each mini-lecture, there was a quiz to review the material if, like me, you forget things easily. The quizzes were constructive in that they gave strong encouragment - dancing star!! - for correct answers and took you back for review if you got it wrong.

The formatting section was brilliant. It's not an easy thing to understand because it's just a bunch of rules. However, each step was shown very simply and then a super clear example was given to make sure that the students really understood what each rule meant and how a finished memo should look. I would love to use something similar to teach my students how to format an essay.

Technical Remarks:

Technically, this was well put together. The slides followed each other in a logical manner, and there was ample support as to the direction of the lesson.

However, it seems that some of the information, such as the videos(?) and review games in the last three sections didn't make it into the show. This may be because I'm using PPT 2008, so you might want to check which version of PPT you have before using this.

Based on what I did see, however, I would strongly recommend this resource to any teacher who wanted to introduce her students to the basics of the Word program.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Shannon Forsberg
Shannon Forsberg (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This tutorial is a great way to just skim the surface of what Microsoft Word has to offer as a word processing application. It overview the basic functions of the program and then has students navigate the Word window and start up functions, and then finally have students learn how to type a Memo in the program. This lesson does not however even begin to show all the possibilities of the program, and I wonder if Microsoft has not already created a more inclusive and more comprehensive tutorial on how to use Word already. One issue that I found was that I had to install Live Web to start, yet there was not explanation to why this was necessary, and my computer that is issued by my school district, did not allow me to, or strongly recommended that I do not download. Thus, I did not end up downloading it, because I had no reason that I felt that it was necessary to do. An explanation to why this is needed for the tutorial would be a great addition. Also I found that the slide titled “Exploring the Word Program Window” was blank and had no action button to continue with the tutorial. I had to escape out of the program after that and only view the slides in the editing screen in PowerPoint. If it is not created as a show, then students or anyone else will be allowed to manipulate the lesson and change what you have created. Also, by only referring to the topic of study as “Word” I have to wonder if not mentioning Microsoft or some other copyright reference may be infringing on trademarks. This would be something I would look into. I did enjoy how after the information was delivered, that it was immediately reviewed, this checks for understanding right away. I also like how there was sound and pictures added to the show for visual and auditory learners and also students who need assistive technologies. I am unsure of what age group or what the target audience is for this lesson. I feel clarification of why they would need to know these few specific skills in Word would be a great addition in the beginning of the lesson. I also could not access the review game that was included, because of the broken link in the “Exploring the Word Program Window”. This would be something that I would like to explore to see what was reviewed, if it was covered in the lesson.

Technical Remarks:

"Exploring the Word Program Window" slide did not have an action button that was usable, this prevented me from continuting on with the rest of the lesson and being able to access the Review game.

Also having to download "Live Web" was very unclear

Time spent reviewing site: 15min