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Grammar Rules: Interactive Slideshow

Grammar Rules: Interactive Slideshow

Interactive slideshow to practice grammar rules.  Multiple choice questions about plural nouns.


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Allyson Bush
Allyson Bush (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

This lesson plan addresses a real and significant problem that has definite real world use and performance. There is a nice evaluation piece that comes after each section of instruction, though it would be nice to see a final evaluation section that puts all of the information together. There is a nice motivational element with the good job slide and the encouraging sound. The “incorrect” slides are also nicely done to explain to the student what exactly was incorrect.

The presentation uses bullet points to separate the content and different color fonts to draw the eye to certain information. The use of space is used well so that the student is not overwhelmed by the content and it presents nicely on the page. A difference in the way the examples look would be a good way to break up the page though and draw the eye to the examples. There are pictures on each slide to demonstrate what noun we are talking about that would also draw the attention of the student.

Instructions are very clear so that everyone can understand them. The presentation makes sure to review concepts such as what a vowel and a consonant are in order to allow every student to be successful. To help the presentation reach all students, a listening aspect might be nice so that a student who struggles with reading could still learn the concepts.

Unfortunately there are some problem areas. First off the "Your correct" pages should be spelled with "You're correct." Second off, once you have started the presentation there is no way to go back to previous slides or the home page. You must complete the entire presentation to go back. The student has little to no choice in the presentation and must continue along the single path he or she is given.

Overall the presentation is visually appealing and gives proper feedback to the student’s answers. THere are a few hiccops but they are minor and the entire presentation is a fun and engaging way to learn grammar and I know I learned something new!

Technical Remarks:

There is one spot under ponies where a correct answer takes you to the ""your correct" slide, which then is connected to the "Oh no!" slide. There is a similar problem on the very last page of the presentation when moving on from the "you can now rule the kingdom" page.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 min. to really get the ins and outs of the lesson
Katherine Raphael
Katherine Raphael (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

I really liked the layout and ideas behind this module. The student can click through the instruction and then practice and get instant feedback from the system. (And, if they get it right a cute set of squirrels do a high five!) I felt that a little bit of instruction was missing however, to explain the actual rules of grammar. The module does a nice job of setting up the goals so the student understands what the point of the module is, but it could use a little bit more explanation of the topic of plurality. I was also unsure what level of grade school this project was designed for so it is difficult to assess the appropriateness of the reading level and activity as a whole. Some things that I think would help reach different audiences include adding audio enhancements to the text and possibly more use of examples. Also, the feedback slide needs to have the text changed from “Your right!” to “You’re right!” to model good grammar.

Technical Remarks:

Nice use of technology. I experienced a delay time when I clicked hot links, but that might have been frommy connection.  I'm not sure.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes, the activity is not very long, but certainly worth the time!