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Business Administration I

Business Administration I

Course Description Economics can be considered as a kind of “meta-ethics” that offers man the means to survive, and can suggest how man should live. Without doubt, economics is a science. However, the natural sciences deal with natural phenomena, economics confronts social phenomena. The difficulty that economics faces in tackling social and not natural phenomena lies in the fact that the one studying economics is himself a member of society. Those who study economics need to examine the society that has brought them to life and learn about the position they hold in that society. That is why economics is “meta-ethics” that contemplates how one should live. That is why economics is a double-edged sword since it also has the power to do wrong. Thus on one side though economics may be an indispensable tool to control a society, on the other side it can serve to oppose injustices by being a field of learning that is faithful to truth. Regardless of opposition or misunderstanding, the Faculty and Graduate School of Economics of the University of Tokyo will maintain our commitment to discovering and disseminating the truth. In order to carry out this mission, we will continue to walk this path in search of truth. All what we fear is of being halted.


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