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International Business StAIR design

International Business StAIR design

The StAIR offers students an introductory look at International Business. The presentation is self-paced and offers assessments throughout the presentation.  The end of the presentation offers a look different cultures around the world and the importance of business etiquette.


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Kyle Whymer
Kyle Whymer (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This is an awesome StAIR.  It really incorporates a lot of the UDL principles and instructional strategies to make learning accessible to all students.  Specifically, I like how this includes audio with the slides.  This is an excellent way to allow auditory learners the same opportunities as visual learners.  Also, it provides the information for visually challenged students.  Another part of the StAIR that I found to be very helpful was the specific feedback given to students for incorrect answers in the quiz portions.  Overall, the resource does a good job incorporating various learning styles with audio, text, and visual cues. 

Technical Remarks:

For the 32nd slide the option for selecting "NO" does not have a link.  Also, I had trouble viewing the videos on my version of PowerPoint. 

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes
Cassandra Weddel
Cassandra Weddel (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Christina, I LOVED this assignment.  I like that students can work through it at their own pace and how you give them helpful hints if they get the answer wrong.  I think the design was appealing and very easy to navigate.  Great Job!

Derek Osborne
Derek Osborne (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This was a great presentation. Very informative on a subject I know nothing about. Your voice thread over the slides allows the students to use their senses to absorb the information. The videos are short, engaging and to the point. They provide the students with great information about the business practices in each area of the world. The quizzes force the students to think about what they learned and are appropriate.

Technical Remarks:

I had a little trouble getting the videos to play, but that could be due to the old XP computer I am using.

My suggestions for your Stair would be to add questions after each of the videos, this would help the students focus on each region and get instant feedback for their learning from the video.

Also, a helpful tool could be to have some case studies at the end. Give the students a scenario from one of the countires and have them answer questions based on what happened. This would allow them to use all the information from beginning of the presentation to the end.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 Minutes