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"Greenwood, Okla.: The Legacy of the Tulsa Race Riot" icon

Greenwood, Okla.: The Legacy of the Tulsa Race Riot

The story continues.  Even after 90 years, the argument about what happened in the "Black Wall Street" of Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 31, 1921 the truth is being debated. From 1921 to 1995 the costliest Race Riot in America was kept hidden...

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Larry Menyweather-Woods
11 years ago

I have used this story in the classroom to introduce the roles and power of the media during in American History which in many instances were covered up. This story had been passed on, but many did not want to believe such action occurred. This story reinforced the segregation of Oklahoma well into the 20th century and most of the leaders fought to keep the cover-up covered up. When it comes to reparations, and the excuses White leaders and now Black leaders have used to ignore the issue, to just lie, For example, unless there are living witnesses come and tell your story and when they did, more were alive than they expected, they found Whites some who were possibly part of the mob, to testify against. TO only talk about scholarships at the low $300.00 is not only insulting, but disrespect to those who died and fled. They talk about the 2nd amendment as a God-given right, except for the people determined to die.

I lived through the lies, but I was fortunate to have been taught by courageous Black teachers who were determined I would know the truth.  There were other places of rioting in the period called the Red Hot Summer, Coming back from World War I dressed in their uniforms, many Blacks were beaten, the recipients of tragic beatings, hangings and other hideous acts resulting in deaths. This reaffirms how truth crushed to the ground will rise from ashes.  Here is an excellent study of race relations, or better still no relation.  The story even give insight to why racial problems still persists in the 21st century.

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