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Semiotics Project Niners/Raiders

Semiotics Project Niners/Raiders

This is a Semiotics Analysis of the the two NFL Franchises, The Oaklan Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers. In this project my partner and I analyzed the various symbols of the two franchises and depicted their connotations and denotations. Along with this analysis we analyzed the fans of the two franchises and essentially what it means.


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Lauren Collister
Lauren Collister (Librarian)
8 years ago

This document is the output of a course project that asks students to conduct a semiotic analysis. The analysis itself is very interesting and provides a good example of doing a semiotic analysis on a topic that students may be interested in: football teams. The usability is very good because the document is in Google Docs, and is therefore easily accessible to anyone who uses Google Docs. However, there are several concerns about using this as a teaching object.

1. The instructions for the actual assignment are not given, only the final output. The document refers to a "course wiki", but no link is given nor any text for the assignment. 

2. The output requires significant background knowledge in semiotics to understand the analysis. Background documents are referenced but not summarized in a way that is particularly effective for teaching. 

3. The document contains a survey that the students used to collect their data. However, this survey seems to be specifically aligned to the project instructions, which are not given (see 1). 

I do not see how this item could be used in the classroom as a learning tool. If the instructions for the assignment were given, then another assignment could be modeled after this one for someone teaching a semiotics class; however, with the instructions lacking, this remains a class paper with little use as a learning tool.  

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes