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Menu Math

Menu Math

This is a lesson created for fifth grade, but can be modified to fit other grade levels. The assignment is based on a real world task of ordering food and following a budget. The objective is for students to compute the total of the dinner without using a calculator. The lesson outlines all of the steps necessary for this assignment.


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Joseph Schmidt
Joseph Schmidt (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

I think your lesson is a very fun, yet challenging, way for students to interact with math in an everyday scenario. Creating a real life situation will no doubt make the learning more meaningful. I wondered how you might structure this for a student who struggles with mathematics though? I think the idea of modeling to your students is a very good one. I am unclear on whether or not you tested out the actual math of it though? This may but more of a mute point, as your students should have already obtained all the skills prior. One way I might suggest looking at this would be to take out the take a tip to start with though. (e.g. if you have 70 dollars, that means your bill can be 55.03 prior to 6% sales tax and 20% tip.) I think that strategy might help kids who are a little slower with math, as it takes the “twist” out, or so to speak. I want to reiterate, that I think this is a great lesson; I also know this lesson to be a challenging one.

Edwina Lawson
Edwina Lawson (Student)
10 years ago

The content and information in the lesson was presented in several different ways.  It provided for students to be able to have visual representation of the learning.  The students were able to collaborated their findings for feedback with group members.  The lesson also provided for students to be able to express what they know using skills to research resturant menu on the internet to navigator to different websites to obtain menus and completing the "Who's Coming to Dinner" worksheet.  The lesson engages the students by providing an activity that is revelant and valuable to the students interest and goals. It takes a real life occurrence and creates an opportunity for students to budget, calculate and make sound decisions while obtaining the set of goals of apply multiplication, division and computing by hand all done while focusing on using basic math facts.

Technical Remarks:

The lesson presented an easy flow of information. There were no technical difficulties.

Time spent reviewing site: 23 minutes
Kelly Mahoney
Kelly Mahoney (Student)
10 years ago

I found that my students greatly benefitted from this lesson! They were incredibly engaged and asked that we do it again later in the year.  I was able to get menus easily by going to restaurants and exaplaining what I was using them for. Another plus of the lesson is that it is easily modified to fit other grade levels.

Used in course? Yes