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Addition - Count on 1 and 2

Addition - Count on 1 and 2

This lesson is in PPT version. It  is about addition and how we can use count on as one of the strategies. I will be explaining in how to add to count on 1 and 2. The students will then explore some addition problems. These problems include matching a number sentence to a word problem, and finding how many in all.


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Lacey Spieth
Lacey Spieth (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

Nice job. I was a little confused when first reviewing the StAIR. I think it would help to have more information for the students in audio form or graphics/text. I am guessing there must be a lesson before this presentation? The graphics and layout were nice, but the audio did not work on all slides. (I don’t know if this was intended, or a technical flaw.) I do like the fact that when a student chooses a wrong answer you work through it together. You might want to try to adjust the timing on those slides, where the answer will be shown after the student hears the number sentence again, so they are thinking about the answer instead of it automatically being there. (just for more reinforcement) Altogether, it was a nice presentation.

Technical Remarks:


Time spent reviewing site: 15 min
Brian Walker
Brian Walker (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

This StAIR for young students (grades 1-2?) is a nicely done presentation with content that, though I’m not an expert on elementary math curriculums, appears to be very age/grade level appropriate.

The appearance of the presentation (graphics, font, color scheme, slide layouts, etc) is easy to view, read and is pleasing to the eye. The use of animation and sound effects, though not present on every slide, helps add a little excitement to the presentation that might help some students stay focused on the questions they are being asked and are expected to answer.

Some areas for improvement of this tool might be to make sure that there is audio and/or animation on all slides that are intended to give feedback to the student who is navigating his or her way through it. Also, it might be helpful to add some kind of text to speech features so that students can not only see/read the information on the screen but hear it as well. Lastly, it wasn’t entirely clear to me at first that clicking in any specific area on the screen on the first few slides would reveal a number sentence (I’m referring to the “Count on 1/2. Write the sum” slides). I just happened to click on an empty area of the slide and then it appeared. It might be useful to make sure that the students are aware that a deliberate action on their part will make this happen. I, too, created a StAIR for grades 1-2 using Power Point. At this point in time I’ve not tested it with actual students so I’m not entirely sure how well it will work with young people. After consulting with my school’s media specialist, I learned that it might be somewhat challenging for young students to navigate through such a presentation. I think that when I actually use mine in a classroom setting, I might guide them through it the first time around. This would technically not make it a StAIR since I’d still be guiding the students as they navigate through it the first time. However, once I’ve taught them how to use it they’ll have better success with it and if I used the same or similar format with other StAIRS that I may create for other areas of my curriculum they’d be more successful navigating through those as well. You might find it beneficial to take a similar approach when using this presentation in an actual classroom setting.

Technical Remarks:

Some slides have no sound effects where maybe there should be.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes.