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Teaching Correct Semicolon Usage

Teaching Correct Semicolon Usage

Students can use this tool to learn the basics of correct semicolon usage.  This learning resource walks students through two main rules of semicolon usage and includes opportunities for them to practice their understanding of each rule.



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Bob Carl
Bob Carl (Student)
6 years ago

I do not teach language arts, but I do teach keyboarding and business classes where the semi colon is used. This lesson is geared towards Middle School, so it is a little more colorful than I would prefer for High School age students. It would have been nice to indicate that there is not any space before the semi colon, but there is one space after the semi colon. This is something we teach at High School level. Another thing I noted was that the colon in many of the headings were not the same font as the heading. Students would get marked down for this in a business class. It would also be preferred to move to the next line if your reducing the font in the heading. Overall, it was a good lesson, but these few things were noted for a High School level class.

Technical Remarks:

Overall, the technical aspect of this lesson works. Here are some petty changes that should be made to make the presentation perfect: Some of the icons used to click on to navigate contained text that was not hyperlinked. The icon itself was hyperlinked, so clicking towards the outside edge of the icon will work. This may cause confusion for some students trying to click on the text within the icon to move ahead. At the end of Quiz 1, the icon to take the quiz again indicates the user will go to Quiz 2 instead of Quiz 1. This may cause some confusion for the user. I personally did not care for the end of the lesson how the user is prompted to review again instead of giving them the option of going right to the final quiz.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 min
Lisa Joseph
Lisa Joseph (Teacher (K-12))
6 years ago

This lesson was a good instruction on how to use Semicolons in writing. Seeing that I am a viewer coming into this StAIR with little knowledge of how to use of semicolons properly, I found the resource valuable. The lessons on how to use them were successful for this viewer, but I did find the “pattern” slides for the use of semicolons a little confusing. It uses UDL principles and engages the viewer with slides that are interesting to look at. Some of the slides are heavy with words, and could possibly be broken up with an image. I really liked the assessment at the end of the resource and think it is a great way to evaluate how well the kids did. I would also have liked a back button in case I wanted to go back and review, as I didn’t know I was about to leave the Power Point to take the final quiz.

Technical Remarks:

Would only like to see a back button on some of the slides in case I wanted to go back and review.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 Minutes
Brian Jenks
Brian Jenks (Student)
6 years ago

Great presentation for Middle School students to learn about semicolons.  The information is well represented, with key ideas defined and illustrated. I found the individual response slides to each quiz answer helpful in reaffirming and summarizing the content.  Both Rule sections provided a scaffolding of helpful content information, culminating in the Quizzes.  The use of bright colors should help keep the student's attention and engagement, although at times I was overwhelmed by the amount of different colors (would have preferred the navigation links used the same icon and color themes throughout).  Chunking of content for each rule made it easy to follow, and wrapping it up with a Google assessment is an excellent way to capture student's progress, and source to provide later feedback to the students.  Nice job!

Technical Remarks:

1) Portion of description in lower left-hand area on slide #4 is missing.

2) Navigation worked as noted, except for slide #24 which indicates "Rule 1 Recap" when actually returns user to the beginning of Rule 2 (the description is incorrect).

3)  I would have preferred a note on the last slide to let me know that I was being taken outside the presentation; that it was the last slide and that I would need to return to close the presentation after completing the Google assessment (although am sure students would figure this out).

4)  Would have been helpful to have a "Back" navigation button on slides after a "Rule 1" or "Rule 2" selection was made, in case the wrong option was selected.  Would save time over having the user click to the end of each rule paths.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 20 Minutes