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How to Write a report for Grade 2

How to Write a report for Grade 2

This is a tutorial for grade 2. It guides students through the features of a report so that it will help them write their own reports


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Allison Scovone
Allison Scovone (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

The author provides some scaffolding for students. At the beginning of the presentation it breaks down the components of the report using an example. The example is broken down into heading, subheading, bullet points, and the different paragraphs. Each of these components is explained both visually and orally. However the oral support is lost during the recap quiz. The questions are simply given in words. The recap quiz just requires students to recall facts and not use higher-level thinking skills. In order to have students use higher-level skills the author could have them apply their knowledge to a new report and click on different features as prompted by the program. After the recap quiz there is one content slide that presents one last component of reports- that they have pictures and captions. This would probably be better placed prior to the recap quiz for coherency sake.

Technical Remarks:

The user does not have the option to input his or her response and get feedback from the program. This could easily be embedded in this tutorial since the questions are already true or false. The author could make a button for users to click for each response, which would direct them to different slides accordingly.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Sandra Toth
Sandra Toth (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This stand alone instructional design is for teaching second graders how to write reports. It is simple with a unique, modern design that I think the students will appreciate. The teacher has many instructional strategies, such as giving examples of what a reports looks like and asking relevant questions to get her students thinking about the writing process. I am impressed that there are actual recordings explaining to and asking questions of the students. I believe this is a very good way to motivate them and teacher is following the UDL principle of applying the lesson to different learners. The mapping out the parts of a report is also very important for teaching writing. I believe the objectives of teaching how to write a simple report have been met. The students are challenged through verbal and true and false questions. They interact with the material and are rewarded with written feedback and correct answers. The design flows smoothly and all the links work. The only thing I might change is adding some cute clip art and making the assignment a little longer by showing more examples of actual student papers. Note-I spent approximately 30 minutes viewing this project.