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Alternative Inheritance SoftChalk Presentation and Activity

Alternative Inheritance SoftChalk Presentation and Activity

This is a soft chalk activity that provides brief descriptions and examples of many different forms of alternative (non-mendelian) inheritance, then asks students to match each type of alternative inheritance with an example / case study that represents it. The alternative inheritance types included in the activity are: genetic heterogeneity, incomplete dominance, codominance, reduced penetrance, variable expressivity, epistasis, pleiotropy,...

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Shelly Bosworth
Shelly Bosworth (Faculty)
9 years ago

Genetics curriculum places way too much influence on Mendelian inheritance patterns. In the ten + years since the human genome project was completed, we have learned a lot about how the genome is complex and interacts with itself by making non-coding RNA molecules. This tutorial helps students glimpse how much more complicated inheritance and gene expression is beyond punnet squares. Used in my online class and also by my colleague in her in-seat class.

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