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Scientific Process PowerPoint

Scientific Process PowerPoint

This PowerPoint presentation attempts to allow the user to understand the methodology of the scientific process by providing examples and a critique of a scene from Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail


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Robert Fickbohm
Robert Fickbohm (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

This stand-alone presentation uses stark, jarring visuals and humor to present the difficult subject of the scientific method. The author grabs the user’s attention in the beginning of the presentation by posing the need for a solution for the problem of unspent mines. The images the author employs are riveting, yet tasteful in their somewhat gruesome reality of the problem. The subject itself proposes the dire need for a solution. The presentation shows how this is the driving force behind the scientific method; a question or problem and an answer. The presentation uses a classic Monty Python scene do illustrate the process of hypothesis, data, and conclusion. The information is presented in a logical order, mirroring the process it is trying to explain. The open ended questions and answers give the presentation the feel of a Socratic discussion. The links and articles are relevant and informative. The quiz covers the presented material nicely; the Michigan State-University on Michigan theme in the quiz is a nice touch. A few improvements might be to include teaching standards and target audience in the beginning. Also, it may be better to embed the video into the presentation; the advertised videos that accompanied the Holy Grail clip weren’t exactly school appropriate. Overall, this is an entertaining and informative presentation.


Technical Remarks:

the links at the end are a bit disjointed and the presentation has no clear end.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 min
Jennifer Blacker
Jennifer Blacker (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

The author did a wonderful job incorporating humor into the lesson through the use of the Monty Python video clip example in creating this stand-alone instructional resource. The emphasis on creativity in successfully using the scientific process is highlighted throughout the lesson. The use of the landmines example at the beginning will grab the attention of high school students, and promotes critical thinking. Text throughout the presentation is easy to read. I would recommend the author add objectives at the beginning to clearly define expectations for students before they begin the lesson. The variety of examples provided meets a variety of learning styles and helps activate background knowledge. The presentation is very visually appealing and uses appropriate images. I think it would be helpful to add buttons or arrows to provide clear navigation for the learner. It is not always clear how to advance to the next slide or whether or not information is linked to outside sources.  Minimal feedback is provided for both correct and incorrect answer choices, but this may be in part to the open-ended nature of the material being discussed. I think it would be helpful for other educators if the author included the content standards that are addressed in this lesson. Adding a slide with objectives, intended grade level, and a time estimate would be very helpful. Overall, this is a great resource for students to complete independently and learn about the value of the scientific process.  

Technical Remarks:

Navigation between slides is unclear and no obvious way to move backwards through the presentation. All links for additonal information in the presentation are active and functional.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes