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Letter Recognition Lesson Plan

Letter Recognition Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan on Letter Recognition, or teaching Letter's to pre-school and Kindergarten age children.  


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Jamin Jones
Jamin Jones (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

This lesson provides  younger students the opportunity to utilize technology in the classroom in a meaningful way. It takes an old concept and addresses it in a new way with several meaningful ways. It really provides students with instruction that is presented visually, auditorally, and kinesthetically. Especially for younger students who need to move, wiggle, and discover their world it meets the necessary criteria.

Technical Remarks:

Another option for this lesson is to provide students with a character for each letter. I have seen teachers associate letters and their sounds to stuffed bean animals. The students with names beginning with the same letter as the animal are able to hold the animal during the day.

Time spent reviewing site: 15
Heidi Embury
Heidi Embury (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

This provides many instructional strategies to reinforce and build on letter recognition. This lesson is designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners with various learning styles and needs. It also addresses ISTE standards. The lesson teaches letter recognition in a relevant and novel way. There are numerous strategies that promote socialization, a key component to early childhood education.

Technical Remarks:


For further observation of student learning, send home a survey to parents, asking: "How do you see your child use letters at home? Which ones?"

Add activities that use the taste and smell senses. For example, have sliced apples for students to taste and smell when they learn about letter "A", pretzels for "P", etc. 



Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes