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Where am I on the planets? Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan - Spanish

Where am I on the planets? Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan - Spanish

This is a goal-directed instructional plan for a Spanish class. The content of the lesson is the planets in Spanish with the grammar support of the verb Estar. The necessary vocabulary includes ordinal numbers and planet names. The lesson is applicable to a real world problem. The lesson is very motivational and engaging for the students and was used in a 6th grade classroom. 



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Melissa Benoit
Melissa Benoit (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago

I really enjoyed the lesson plan. It included so many different ways of engaging students. I liked that the students were invested in the activity. They video gives them a visual idea of what is happening and they can feel like they are actually on the journey. I also liked that students’ pictures were used instead of just names. It created an authentic way to engage students and make them feel part of the process. When the activity started, I liked that students were speaking, writing, and listening (all important standards) to the information. It was a great way to differentiate and really make sure students comprehended the content. The Smart Board is an effective, interactive way for the teacher and students to embrace the content. Overall, I think the lesson plan was extremely well-done and beneficial to the students.

Technical Remarks:

I did not find any technical issues with the lesson plan. The link to the material worked correctly. The lesson plan was easily accessible and well-formated.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago

I was blown away at the complexity of engagement with this assignment.  The idea that students will not only get a quick review of the planet names before hand, but then have to watch and comprehend a video (which is also a bit of a review) in order to even begin the assignment showed the amount of learning they needed to go through just to understand it.  Additionally, I loved that the teacher will be modeling this complex process for the students so that she can clarify any misunderstandings before students jumped into it.  Doing this will help not only with student motivation and engagement, but also with creates multiple means of representation for the information.  I also felt that the whole assignment provided mutliple means of engagement especially in the areas of recruiting interests and options for self regulation.  These were apparent to me in the video (recruiting interests) and in the fact that students had to form sentences correctly, on their own, in order to be "rescued" (options for self regulation).  Overall a great resource for students learning a foreign language.  

Technical Remarks:

I did not find any issues with this resource.

Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes