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Dave Wallace
Dave Wallace (Student)
6 years ago

This is a cool lesson. The discussion is fantastic. If a student hasn’t had the opportunity to travel a lot within the state it will allow them to live other experiences and maybe spark a desire to visit some places.  The depth of learn that can take place in this lesson is great.  It has a logic side, Math, English and even some creativity.  Great Job!

Technical Remarks:

Everything but the links at the bottom was flawless.  As for inside the lesson plan, technology use is great.  The student will have a good opportunity to learn how to use the internet and some software.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 Minutes
eric danowski
eric danowski (Teacher (K-12))
6 years ago

I like this lesson. It can easily be applied to other states, which is nice, and it allows the students to be creative while learning about their home-state. There is a lot you can do with Google Maps so this is also something great to introduce students to.

Technical Remarks:

Google Maps can be a little overwhelming for some students unless you are using the most basic features (mapping a trip). For this lesson, some of the more advanced features could be used/featured nicely but some worktime with the students would be needed to show them how to use the features.

Dana Lord
Dana Lord (Teacher (K-12))
6 years ago

I really like this lesson and would like to modify it to use in my own classroom next year! I think it's very helpful to have the classroom discussion regarding places to visit in Michigan prior to conducting any individual research. We have a very mobile population at my school so that would be critical since the students aren't as familiar with their state. I also think it's a great way to practice the technology skills of google maps and publisher in a meaningful way for the students. You could also incorporate Excel for the budget portion if you wanted to extend the lesson to include another type of technology.

Technical Remarks:

I was excited to see that you included the handouts at the bottom of the page, but the link didn't appear to be there or it didn't work. I would love to see those!

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes