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What is Democracy? Lesson Plan

What is Democracy? Lesson Plan

This leasson was created to help students accomplish two goals.  First, to access the class website, join, and interact with their fellow classmates.  Secondly, to access documents on the website for considering the question of what freedoms truly allow for democracy to flourish.  Students will view The Universal Declaration of Human Rights ...

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Lindsay Silver
Lindsay Silver (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

I really like the concepts of your lesson plan.  I like how the students have to take into consideration different readings and ideas to form their opinion.  Opinion/Argument writing is a huge part of the Common Core State Standards and I think this lesson does a great job supporting that.  

I think a way you could extend this lesson plan is to give them a scenario, maybe in groups, and have them decide what they should do to take action/form an opion about the scenario.

You might also want to insert a link to your Edmodo page so that it can be easily accessed and people can get an example of what you are using in your class.

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Thomas E. Bieri
Thomas E. Bieri (Faculty)
9 years ago

I like the concept of this plan, of building in some democratic community building within the consideration of democratic principles.

Your lesson plan is marked up with highlighting which I know is based on applying UDL principles to it.  It is a little distracting to have these highlighted sections, but since you do I’d like to address some of the areas you have highlighted as barriers.  I believe you are concerned with the textual nature of both the input and performance tasks.  Perhaps you could add an audio version of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and have some students use vlogs rather than blogs.  Using something like VoiceThread might work well for this as well.

A suggestion I have for taking this to the next step and using the online community for an actual task is to ask the students to come up, as a group analogous to a legislative body, with their own declaration on human rights or a statement on some particular human rights issue that they may encounter.

Technical Remarks:

It might be helpful to have a link to Edmodo and other similar sites that could accommodate a lesson like this.

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