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Research and Discovery Kiosk

Research and Discovery Kiosk

The specific audience for this Stand-Alone Instructional Resource is to inform 9th grade students and instructors participating in the Research and Discovery World History Project how to access the relevant online information and become apart of the community.  The overall goal will be to allow instructors the expertise and ease to help students that struggle with uploading and publishing information to the web.  Also, students...

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Lindsay Silver
Lindsay Silver (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

I thought that your presentation was very well thought out and helpful.  I could see using this explaniation in a class using wikispace.  I might even use it as a base when I create my classroom wiki to use with my students.  I also like that you had the navigational options so that students could go over the information and slides again.  I liked that you included your voice in the presenatation as well, explaining the steps in the process.  I also liked the different arrows you used to draw your students' attention to different aspect of the page.


One thing that I thought you could add to the presentation is maybe a screencast of adding information to the wiki or how to upload the files to the wiki.  I think this will change things up a little bit and keep the students involved in the presentation.  I also had some technical problems (see below).

Technical Remarks:

I had trouble opening up the links and documents in the presentation. The only one I could open was the Chichago citation link.  The others can up with an error message.  It may be because you used a Mac and I'm using Windows.  I also noticed that if the default e-mail was not set up on the computer, the link to e-mail you didn't work either.  You may want to include that on the slide in case that happens to one of the students.

Time spent reviewing site: 50
Thomas E. Bieri
Thomas E. Bieri (Faculty)
9 years ago

Overall I thought the project was clear and easy to use.  There were some technical glitches  with sound and links (see technical remarks regarding the links) but overall very clear and well laid out.

One area where I think this resource could be improved is by adding text versions of the directions.  Having the recorded explanations is nice, and might be even more effective if the slides were dynamic, perhaps even embedded screen casts.  However, for students with difficulty processing aural input, it might help if there were also directions for each step in text.  This is additionally an issue since there were sound issues.  Most of the sound was difficult to hear even when I had the volume turned fully up on my computer.  The two exceptions were two slides, “Editing your Individual Page” and “Construct a Bibliography”, which were loud enough but both of them had distracting feedback-type buzzing and popping throughout the audio.

Another thing you may wish to do is show examples of footnotes, bibliographies, and annotations when you describe them.

Finally, there are a couple language issues.  On the second slide I think you need to insert “How to” before “download” and on a later slide, for subject – verb agreement you need to add “s” to add and find (twice) after, “A good research question is one that:”

Technical Remarks:


Only one of the links included in the slide actually opened for me, the very last one which linked to a Chicago citations page.  All the rest gave me warning alerts and then opened nothing even though I said it was okay to open, except one which initially froze the whole presentation and then eventually told me the sever couldn’t be found.  This was the first link for the citations document.  There is also an FAQ button on one page that looks like it should link to something but doesn’t.

Time spent reviewing site: 55 minutes