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East Asian Social and Economic Indicators

East Asian Social and Economic Indicators

Lesson Outline and Objectives

1.  Student will recall facts about East Asian culture, society, economics, and politics.

2.  Students will identify past examples of events in East Asia that illustrate global interconnectedness.

3.  Students will apply principles of globalization and interconnectedness by examining current events and analyzing how they affect ones daily...

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shaimaa elzeini
shaimaa elzeini (Student)
9 years ago


The increasing globalization concepts were refreshing.  I was thinking you would be teaching me some international finance concepts and I’m looking forward to that in your next lesson plan.  Learning about the east Asian culture and preparing digital timelines using Glogster was exciting and I am always amazed that 11-17 year olds know such about these technologies.


Technical Remarks:

15 minutes

Princess Wade
Princess Wade (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

The need for the assignment was clearly stated and straight to the point. I believe this age group will enjoy creating digital timelines. Having students create a running compilation of current events seems more interesting than just keeping a journal. Students will be able to bring their writing to life. I also like the sense of community you are creating having students visit their classmates blogs.

Technical Remarks:

I am very interested in how you are going to incorporate Edmodo. I have yet to use this social network. Therefore, I'm not sure how to effectively use the networking tool.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 mins
Gitane Reveilleau
Gitane Reveilleau (Faculty)
9 years ago

The idea of exploring a global interconnectedness is excellent, and I think you chose the tools wisely for your students to deliver their message! I really like the idea of each group having a different country/region to work on, and I think that a timeline is a great tool for them to visualize such complex information more clearly. My concern is about the construction of their knowledge. Where will they find the information necessary to build their timelines? How will that be structured? Further, in order to build these timelines, what kind of scaffolding techniques will be used to support their reasoning? Since the target audience is Grade 7, specific directions are still needed for students to meet expectations and standards.

Technical Remarks:

Where will Edmodo be used? It has only been listed under Prerequisite Knowledge.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes.