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Lottery Game (Mathematics, Statistics)

Lottery Game (Mathematics, Statistics)

Flip coins to see if you can beat the odds.


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Nicole Patterson
Nicole Patterson (Student)
16 years ago
very informative
Used in course? Yes
Lazares (Student)
18 years ago
This article has a large complicated wealth of information. When I began looking
at this article I was expecting to see a lottery game but to no avail. It's
information is widely spread out and for me at least my head would probably
explode from all of the info. I wouldnt recommend using this cite for a teacher
or student unless you don't mind reading an hours worth of random mathmatical
information like I did.
Used in course? Yes
Christian Sivertstol
19 years ago
I spent nearly an hour and a half reviewing this site. After about ten minutes I
forgot I was supposed to be reviewing it. The Monte Carlo method of estimating
pi was the first thing to catch my eye, and I especially enjoyed the many
sections on random outcomes. I found just about all of the activities and
materials on this page to be thought provoking and sound. I do wish there was
more to it all. Although some of the units were a little to limited for my
liking. Unless you are pre-disposed to the more proxy visual learning, you will
have a little bit of trouble at first with the examples.
Used in course? Yes
Mary O'Malley
Mary O'Malley (Student)
19 years ago
This site is not only interesting and informative, it is actually fun. The
language is clear, it gives good definitions for a beginner, and most
importantly to me, it gives specific things to think about and try while in the
site. Thinking about the questions provided while flipping the coins was really
interesting. This site also leads in to other related sites which build on the
initial site. Because I had so much fun with the coin game I was inspired to
read more about "what is random." This site definitely enhanced my learning
experience and I would recommend it (especially for those who need a visual
representation to "get it").

Technical Remarks:

This site was extremely easy to use and understand.