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Calendar Magic

Calendar Magic

Shows the inherent mathematical properties in our calendar system.



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Ernestine Balisi
Ernestine Balisi (Student)
8 years ago
1) I reviewed the materials on this site by reading it thoroughly, downloading the Java VM to my computer because I was unable to view the applet until I did, trying out the applet once it loaded and also using the "public performance" example and teaching it to one of my co-workers. 2) I thought that the quality of the content was excellent and was very thought out when written. Not only is there an applet that one can play around with but, there are also other examples one can use through paper and a pencil if they do not have a computer. 3) This site is very effective in teaching how math is used in everyday uses such as a calendar month. It gives the people (like myself) who are not too fond of math a new way to appreciate mathematical concepts. 4) The materials on this site are very easy to use but, if you block popups on your computer like I did, then you might not be able to view the applet that is the most crucial part of the entire website.

Technical Remarks:

The actual applet does not work unless you download the Java VM or you turn off the popup blocker from your internet.
Time spent reviewing site: About 30 mins.
Mollinedo (Student)
16 years ago
1. I went on the site and just read through it, taking as much time as I needed
to understand what they were trying to teach. But as I read I did also try the
activity on the page, and tried it till I understood the mathematical properties
of the calender.
2. Yes the site accurately presents the concept that the calender has a "magic
squares" property to it. And it also explains other areas besides calenders
where you can find this property.
3. I think its very effective in teaching students to look deeper at things
where we just assume no mathematical pricipals could lie. Its teaching us to
find math in everyday things that we take for granted.Critical thinking in
learning can be enhanced through sites such as this.
4. I found it very easy to use the software if you just read the directions
Jonathan Cevallos
Jonathan Cevallos (Student)
16 years ago
1. Well i had spent about 35 minutes on the material.
2. I did not know at first what you were trying to teach us but by going over it
a little more. I had understood it a little more.
3.If people do use this right, i believe people would understand what you are
4. When people first try it, it will be a little hard. after looking over it
people will get it
Britney Maracchini
Britney Maracchini (Student)
17 years ago
1. Spent about 30 minutes reading it and trying to manipulate it properly by
2. I didn't really understand the concepts that were trying to be taught. I also
couldn't undertsand the directions for the bottom exercise.
3. I thought the second exercise was interesting (about the number in the middle
always being the average) and that you could predict the missing number in the
series. This was a good concept and was well demonstrated.
4. It was easy to use, but hard to understand.

Technical Remarks:

The author makes the assumption that all students are computer savvy and
understand such terms as 'java' and 'applet'. This is not always the case!
Anil Srivastava
Anil Srivastava (Strategist)
19 years ago
Good explanation of calendar. More than the applet the accompanying notes are very informative and useful. Combined with the applet they explain the ways of keeping dates very well. Could be used very well in history classes, making the lesson more interactive by speculating on, for example, the day of the week of a particular date!