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Josephus Flavius Problem

Solve or watch being solved the Josephus Flavius problem. Count heads in order to survive


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Huynh (Student)
18 years ago
I spent a few minutes letting the machine run, randomly picking the numbers.
After seeing the random numbers being picked, it didn't seem as if it was really
random at all. It seemed more like it was programmed to go thru a sequence of
numbers at certain time intervals. However, this does accurately represent a
model that is educationally significant. It will allow for teachers to show
their students what a machine that picks out random numbers is like, such as the
lottery. This was very easy to use and the explanation of what it does was
also very understandable.
kristin fowler
kristin fowler (Student)
18 years ago
This is a great web site I spent an hour and a half on this game. The wording
is kind of confusing but this is how it works.
You click on the set button at the bottom of the calender. Then you drag the
cursor inside the calender over a section of dates. It doesn't matter how small
of large you make the square. Then you add the numbers diagnaly and you will get
a sum. The sum will always be the same no matter what numbers the person picks.
The magic part is that the numbers the person picks has to be in a diagnal
form. For example, on the September 2002 calender the dates I selected were
3,4,5 I added the 3,11,and 19 and the sum
10,11,12 is 33. It's the same if you add the
17,18,19 17,11 and 5 = 33. This is when you get a friend to come over to
the computer and ask them to select three numbers in each row. You already
selected the square so you know what the sum is. That is the magic part the
persons expression is priceless.
This is a fun game to play and there are many possibilities to choose from.
The beginning was confusing even for my tutor, but together we figured it out.
I give this one four stars.

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