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6 Billion Human Beings

6 Billion Human Beings

Using interactive media (Java applets and Shockwave), this website provides an introduction to human population growth. The site uses visitor's answers to present various aspects such as daily statistics on fertility rates, death rates, statistics on certain population dynamics, numerous statistics for different global populations as well as thought-provoking questions about the future. Developed as an online exhibit at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France, the site is available in English or French.


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Tom Sparhawk
Tom Sparhawk (Faculty)
17 years ago
    Melissa Miszkiewicz
    18 years ago
    I looked at this site over the period of about 15 minutes. I think that this
    site would be fascinating for young people and, as an adult, I also found it
    quite interesting. I think the materials raises several issues and concepts
    that are important with regard to economics, particularly consumption, and
    variances in geographic areas, allowing the instructor to lead into a more
    intense discussion of these issues and concepts.

    I was really impressed by the notion that the technology captured my age and
    geographic location and referred back to it with each example to make the
    examples more personal. This kind of feedback captured my attention and held my
    interest. For those of us who remember better with action and visuals this
    supplement to learning will greatly encourage and enhance memory and

    Technical Remarks:

    The material was very easy to use. Good directions were provided aside from that
    which is designed to be intuitive.
Michael Windelspecht
19 years ago
The content of this site is easily understood by students in introductory science courses. The material accurately shows the impacts of factors such as education to fertility. The graphics are easily understood and greatly enhance the site. The site is an excellent tutorial for introductory general biology or environmental science classes that discuss trends in human population, although it would probably find application in many other disciplines.

Technical Remarks:

The program runs without any problems and the graphics are small enough so that there is not a significant amount of delay over a 56K modem.