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Quantity Supplied and Quantity Demanded

Quantity Supplied and Quantity Demanded

This submission is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR). This StAIR is designed for a high school level economics classes. It is in alignment with the Michigan grade level content expectations for economics.


Law of Supply – Explain the law of supply and analyze the likely change in supply when ...

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shaimaa elzeini
shaimaa elzeini (Student)
9 years ago

I liked the cross curricular offerings in your STAIR...Your inclusion of

Graphing concepts to show the changes in Supply and Demand were a way to incorporate UDL principles visually depicting concepts presented logically earlier.    I think the scaffolding concept works well with your STAIR because the higher level students could review these slides and take the quizzes and walk away empowered about some key economic concepts of changes in quantity supplied and quantity demanded. The vocabulary in your slides was also appropriate to the age group, and the vocabulary challenges them...example, A plague decimates the cattle population.  A blight on coffee I think at many levels you are challenging students.  You also employ UDL concepts to make the information relevant by examples of the iphone 5, etc.  


I know economics, supply and demand concepts, and the monetary implications.  I saw you used a number of Icons, $ in gold, dollar bills as backdrops, which at times seemed all I could concentrate on vs. the quizzes, so  is there a way to include the symbols but tone them down?


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  20 minutes

Used in course? Yes
Princess Wade
Princess Wade (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

I love the diagrams used in your STaIR. It allows the teacher to see if the students truely understand the concepts. I was a bit nervous when I received a quiz question after the first slide, yet, I feel it made me focus more on the material. I've only have experience teaching middle school Social Studies for two years, therefore, I am no expert. Yet, majority of the slides seemed a little wordy. Although, speaking from experience, the tests are also wordy. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to use visual representations in your multiple choice options (i.e. up & down arrows to represent increase and decrease). I really loved that a couple of the slides encouraged students to compared/contrast the diagrams to create a true statement about the diagrams.

Technical Remarks:

This would be a great activity to incorporate active responses (clickers).

Time spent reviewing site: 25mins
Gitane Reveilleau
Gitane Reveilleau (Faculty)
9 years ago

This resource can be a great way to review Demand/Supply. I really like the questions and the quiz style that you used. However, I would suggest some improvements. Firstly, I'd suggest the addition of images to the presentation, as it provides better comprehesion for visual learners such as myself. Your graphs are great, but could work better if dialogue boxes were connected to them to better demonstrate how and why the arrows move up or down. I also find that the amount of text per slide should be downsized.

Technical Remarks:

Links work correctly, but I feel like a "back" button, as well as a "home" button, is missing. It would be helpful in case the student wanted to review the info before answering the questions provided. 

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes