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Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

This site provides an extremely large encyclopedia-style collection of material related to mathematics at the college level and beyond. Much of the material deals with advanced topics. A large number of animated GIFs and java applets are presented as visual aids and the site has won numerous web awards. The World of Mathematics is hosted by Wolfram Research, Inc., and is offered as a free service to the mathematics community....

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Barbra Bied Sperling
Barbra Bied Sperling (Administrator)
19 years ago
The giant of Mathematics reference tools on the net. It was such an amazingly
exhaustive catalogue of mathematics concepts, with superior illustrations, that
it was also published in print. An absolutely phenomenal contribution by one
person, comparable in scale to a mathematician's life's work.
Used in course? Yes
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn (Other)
13 years ago
Like a great interactive online textbook for math, one could easily get lost clicking from link to link. I bookmarked this page for further use. The visuals are great, the content is crisp and the information is easily accessible. This would be a great resource for teachers or for anyone looking for help with a math project.
jason miller
jason miller (Student)
18 years ago
Although I am new to Merlot, this isn't the first time I've been on mathworld. I
have used this site before for research on a mathematics paper. Just for fun I
checked out how diverse this site is and was even more impressed with it. I will
bookmark it for future use. A good tool for instructors and students alike.
Easy to use, and well organized.
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor (Student)
19 years ago
The sheer volume of material here is staggering. This site certainly outlines
pretty much anything the average mathematics student could want to know. I spent
a good twenty minutes just looking around, making sure that everything I could
want to know was there. Like those hard to remember formulae from high school
geometry, for example, because who can remember those when they need
their college math classes. Anyway, this site was very dense, from a materials
stand-point, but never difficult to navigate. I would highly recommend it to
anyone without a textbook handy. It has pretty much everything you could be
looking for.
Ben Flores
Ben Flores (Student)
20 years ago
The most outstanding math site I have ever visit, so easy to use an so much to
see, I will have to get back to it with more time, I learn that usually Physicis
use the term sphere to mean the solid ball, but mathemathicians give a total
different meaning, and that is the outer surface of a bubble.