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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Large collection of platform independent, interactive, java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics and teacher education.


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Octavia Little
Octavia Little (Staff)
3 years ago
This website is very useful and covers a range of grade levels. It can be used for whole and small group lessons on the smartboard. I am glad they added an app that can be used on multiple devices. Multiple common core standards can be taught and learned from this website and because it allows you to choose a grade level you can work with students no matter their math level. Would recommend all teachers to use when teaching math
Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens
7 years ago

This is an excellent resource for math teachers and students. It uses visuals and simulations to make core math concepts accessible to students. Topic areas are also presented according to age groupings. Clear instructions are provided to students on how to manipulate and use the simulations. Instructions are also provided to teachers on how to guide students use of the materials.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 2 hours
Semra Kilic-Bahi
Semra Kilic-Bahi (Faculty)
9 years ago

It is an excellent site to explore with your kids to learn some basic mathematical concepts and to have fun.

Camille Fairbourn
Camille Fairbourn (Faculty)
12 years ago
I use the coin toss and scatterplot applets from this collection in my intro stats course. This is a fabulous and versatile collection of applets for use in all grade levels and all math/stat subjects.

Technical Remarks:

No problems.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 5 years
Dusty Sykes
Dusty Sykes (Student)
18 years ago

How I reviewed the material: I spent about 30 ?35 minutes using the software
and trying out different features. I used three different manipulatives.

My evaluation of content quality: The scope of the content was quite amazing.
I copied the grid that helped a user get to the section that they need. In each
category/grade level there are from three to eight activities. One activity
might show up in as many as three grade levels.

The most complete lessons have a teacher?s lesson planner, academic standards
reference and a Help tool. The standards are linked to the NCTM (National
Council of Teachers of Mathematics) standards web-site.

The manipulatives run well on the computer. Some ?fine touches? on the UIF
(User Interface) would be nice. For example, there is a simulation of adding in
base 2, 5 or 10 and the column headers remain at 1, 10, 100 with 2 or 5 in
small letters under it.

My evaluation of effectiveness for teaching or learning: I think this would
be a good center activity. Probably would have some of the more computer savvy
students go through the manipulative exercise and give me an evaluation and
things that I might need to know to have other students use it. Then I could
get on and go through it myself.

My evaluation concerning ease of use This is written in Java Script and seems
to have fairly severe UIF capabilities, but it is NOT clumsy, but neither is it
totally intuitive. Must read the instructions to get a feel of it?no bubble
help or graphic support. It?s a pretty boring presentation format, compared to
math websites for kids, but it seems more serious and involved, so it?s a great

Used in course? Yes