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From Growing to Biology: Plants 1e

From Growing to Biology: Plants 1e

Ready to find out how plants are grown and function? Take a fantastic voyage through plants. From Growing to Biology: Plants 1e brings the latest information for understanding of traditional and modern plant growing, form, and production. Topics covered in 30 chapters include concise and up-to-date ‘big picture’ infographics, student learning outcomes (SLOs), key vocabulary, assessment, as well as identification of 120 species, and more....

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Nandi Gassett
Nandi Gassett (Student)
2 weeks ago
This book is very informative to anyone interested in plant anatomy/physiology. The book has wonderful illustrations and also breaks down the given information really well.
Used in course? Yes
Nicole Jenkins
Nicole Jenkins (Student)
2 weeks ago
I found this information to be really educating. It was, in fact, illuminating to plant anatomy and nomenclature. I appreciate Dr. Haci advising this read and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in botany.
Used in course? Yes
Sherlanda Telusmond
2 weeks ago
This book truly shows how and explains the functionality and growth of plants. Dr. Haci displayed his passion and will to want to teach students through the processes of plant growth and etc. The breakdown of everything, and the layout of this book is easy to follow as well. I would highly recommend this book for any student who genuinely wants to learn and understand about plants!
Nakari Lowman
Nakari Lowman (Student)
2 weeks ago
This is the most entertaining and understandable Plant Biology textbook available. Undoubtedly, the most accurate textbook on the market. It is the only Biology textbook that also explains, in detail, traditional and modern plant growing, form, and production. Also it explains what is happening to plants through molecular techniques. Hooray! Major thanks to Dr. G. Hacisalihoglu for providing a reasonably-priced textbook and website that help students learn.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 4 Days
Miracle Johnson
Miracle Johnson (Student)
2 weeks ago
This book is very informational if you are interested in learning about plants. It helped me understand concepts of naming plants and the different plant structures. I would definitely recommend this book to botanist or anyone tat wants to start a garden.
Christian Glenn
Christian Glenn (Student)
2 weeks ago
This book is so informational! I really helped me understand concepts.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 7 days
Kiaura Reed
Kiaura Reed (Student)
2 weeks ago
Dr. Hacisalihoglu give an excellent insight on plant growth and function. His explanations go into grave detail and provides an in depth review on complex topics!
Time spent reviewing site: 6 days
Fernell Cimeon Hearms
2 weeks ago
As someone who thoroughly enjoys botany and learning about exotic plants, this book seems like a perfect match. I've personally had the author as a professor and his passion is only matched by his drive to truly educate his students in the world of plants. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to further understand the world of plants
Used in course? Yes
Eyona Moore
Eyona Moore (Student)
2 weeks ago
'From Growing to Biology: Plants' was more essential to my future occupation than I expected. Dr. Hacisalihoglu's way of formatting the information engages the reader by providing us with the fundamental structures of a plant, but then going into depth by analyzing each structure and the smaller components within these organisms. Dr. Haciasalihoglu continued active engagement throughout this informational textbook by comparing the importance of the plant or structure to bigger picture projects. This textbook definitely exposed me to the importance of certain plants in medicine and how they are also vital in research; for example, I have started taking Ginkgo Biloba, because I learned Ginkgo serves as a memory enhancer. All in all, this book provided me with a great deal of new information, and I would recommend this textbook to everyone simply because plants are such undervalued species, and their importance deserves recognition.
Bernadine Joseph
Bernadine Joseph (Student)
2 weeks ago
The author did an amazing job on engaging the topic, I learned so much! Definitely worth the read.
Samantha Carpenter
Samantha Carpenter (Student)
2 weeks ago
This book is very informative and the layout of the material in the chapters are very well put together. I really think this book would be useful to students in botany or even for people who are interested in plants who aren't in school for it. The information in there is very interesting and the illustrations definitely adds character. I liked the little test your knowledge section in the chapters too. My favorite chapter that I automatically jumped to was Ch. 21 on Tea Growing, Brew, and Leaves. I'm a big sweet tea drinker so I found the information in that chapter very fascinating. I really liked learning the process the tea leaf goes through for the different types of teas. Overall, this is a very informative and exciting book and I think the author did an amazing job.
Anjonai Bruno
Anjonai Bruno (Student)
2 weeks ago
This book was very enlightening! Learning where plants come from and how to dictate what they are will definitely help me be a better pant mom.
Used in course? Yes
Emily Johnstone
Emily Johnstone (Student)
2 weeks ago
I love plants so much! Dr. Haci makes learning about the fun and the material in the book makes it easy as well