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The Prime Pages - Finding Primes and Proving Primality

The Prime Pages - Finding Primes and Proving Primality

Test and search procedures for prime numbers including material on proofs


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Laila Barakat
Laila Barakat (Student)
11 years ago
I think this site is very useful in quickly finding prime numbers. I've spent alot of time trying to divide numbers that I later found out were prime numbers and could not be divided by anything accept itself and 1. Fortunately for me I will be able to quickly figure out whether a number is prime or not before I divide any numbers in the future!

Technical Remarks:

The wheel factorization explanation was a little bit confusing. I had to reread that part a few times before finally understanding its concept.
Time spent reviewing site: 25-30 minutes
Matt Imwalle
Matt Imwalle (Student)
17 years ago
It really surprises me when they say that there are numbers with thousands and
even millions of digits that are proven prime numbers. The test that they have
been doing is the same test for 99.99% of the largest known primes. The only way
that I knew about finding primes is factoring, but this article says factoring
is much harder than primality proving for the "average" integer. This article
took me a while to go over and understand it. I think I read through it about
three or four times because the first couple all this information just went in
then right back out. This content was very good, it had a lot of good
information, it only had one example on it but it helped out a little. To
understand this page you need to know some background on Prime numbers. It
helped me out a little more on understanding prime numbers because I have
previously read about them. I think that first timers would not have a hard time
using this site but maybe a hard time understanding it.
Used in course? Yes