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SteamTables Calculator

SteamTables Calculator

The link to the Steam Tables Calculator can be found on the left side of the page under Thermodynamics. 

This Steam Tables calculator is used to compute the thermodynamic properties of steam and water. Developed using steam properties from the 1967 ASME Steam Tables, it produces results consistent with the ASME 6th Edition Steam Tables. It is a collection of HTML pages with embedded Java Applets that helps users solve thermodynamic problems and perform parametric studies visually without any programming.



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chirag panikar
chirag panikar (Health Care Professional)
4 weeks ago
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Jennifer Brownz
Jennifer Brownz (Student)
16 weeks ago
There is quite of reading. From a student point-of-view, I doubt you will keep someone's attention. I believe this may be a graduate-level tool for a Psychology class. I would prefer to see more animation and/or more interaction. convert and download soundcloud to mp3 320 kbps in hd
Time spent reviewing site: 10
Jason Frederick
Jason Frederick (Student)
12 years ago
How you reviewed the materials

I used the web site to perform several problems in preparation for an exam. I spent around an hour working 20 or so problems that I already had the answers to. The tables were very accurate and much faster then using my tables.

Quality of content

The applet removes the redundancy associated with working thermodynamics problems. By using the software, the student can focus on solving the problem and applying what was learned in class instead of wasting time flipping through tables looking up values. The applet greatly reduced the amount of time needed to solve many of the problems.

Potential effectiveness for enhanced teaching and learning

This applet is another great tool in the arsenal of an engineer. It should not be used solely by the students. They should first learn how to navigate and use the steam tables. This tool is great for upper level students that are trying to save time working problems as well as beginning students that already understand the use of steam tables. Because most teachers don’t allow students to use computers on their tests then the student may get in trouble using this applet as a crutch to much out side of class.

Ease of using

The older applet was very confusing to use for me. It however did have more features that were helpful. It gave you the properties for the gas as well as the properties of the liquid. The charts found on the instructions page were not able to be found in the applet. The newer applet is not as helpful for me anyway, because most of the information I needed to look up was the entropy of gas or liquid contained in a mixture. All in all, though, it was a valuable tool.

Technical Remarks:

The large java download before being able to use the applet may pose a problem. Especially for students that are working on school computers. In order to use the applet they would have to download the 25 MB packet each time they logged on to the computer. The applet also gets some getting used to before it becomes really effective. The applet is pretty user friendly when the user finally figures out how the check marks effect the newer applet or how to navigate through the tabs in the older applet.
Used in course? Yes