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Software Maintenance Cycles with the RUP

Software Maintenance Cycles with the RUP

The Rational Unified Process?(RUP?) has no concept of a "maintenance phase." Some people claim that this is a major deficiency, and are proposing to add a production phase to cover issues like maintenance, operations, and support.1 In my view, this would not be a useful addition. First, maintenance, operations, and support are three very distinct processes; although they may overlap in time, they involve different people and different activities, and have different objectives. Operations and support are clearly outside the scope of the RUP. Maintenance, however, is not; yet there is no need to add another phase to the RUP's sequence of four lifecycle phases: Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition. The RUP already contains everything that is needed in terms of roles, activities, artifacts, and guidelines to cover the maintenance of a software application. And because of the RUP's essentially iterative nature, the ability to evolve, correct, or refine existing artifacts is inherent to most of its activities.


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Nagel (Student)
18 years ago
25 minutes, great quality. This describes why there is no Maintenance phase in
the RUP. The author does a great job explaining what the RUP is and how it
applies to maintenance. Very thorough and educational.
Used in course? Yes