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The Hot Game of Nim

The Hot Game of Nim

This is the May 2001 version of Alexander Bogomolny's "Cut The Knot!" column. It discusses the game of Nim and variants. Featured are interactive Java applets and a wealth of links to related web sites.


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Selena Gutierrez
Selena Gutierrez (Student)
12 years ago
I browsed through this site for a few minutes, and read the first couple of paragraphs of the webpage. As it was explaining the game, I thought it reminded me of the game Mancala. The website explained the way the game of Nim is played, but I was able t oplay the game. I think if it were more interactive, I may have been able to get the concept a little more. For someone who has a better understanding of math, this page might be a lot more helpful. But, since it's not very hands-on, I dont think it's very helpful for someone like me, who does not understand mathematics very easily.
Vincent Klumper
Vincent Klumper (Student)
18 years ago
When I first started to read the material on this link I got bored, and wanted
to leave, but I gave it a little bit of time. As I got furter the material
started to get better and better, so I only gave this sit a 3, because I feel if
it was more exsiting in the beging of the sit, than a lot more people would
enjoy it. Other than that it was very educational, and well put together.
Marcela Alcorn
Marcela Alcorn (Student)
18 years ago
After reading and browsing through the site, my first impression was not that
bad at all. After briefly reading the instructions of the game I spent about 20
minutes trying it out. Of course not knowing how to beat the computer at its
own game, it was a bit difficult for me. The material its self was easy to
read, but as I was scrolling down some more I ran into some very complex
equations, clueless as to what they mean. Overall as a game it was not that
hard, but thought was difinitely a factor. To use this program as a teaching
tool is not that impressive, and I do believe it was meant for further advanced
mathematical people, but this is easy to use for a first time use.