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Homology and Evolution

Scientists use multiple lines of evidence to create more accurate family trees or phylogenies of species. Explore how different lines of evidence can help create family trees by doing the All in the Family Web activity. This animated tutorial has students predict a result and then look at evidence from anatomy (limbs, jaws, skulls, and placenta), development (nervous system and gill arches), and molecular evidence to understand the "Tree of Life."


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Kara Nash
Kara Nash (Student)
16 years ago
I found the graphics on the subject interesting and detailed. I spent about 30
mins. trying out the system. It worked well.
Used in course? Yes
Nancy J. Pelaez
Nancy J. Pelaez (Faculty)
19 years ago
The topic of evolution provides an outstanding context for developing
information competence. Students are asked "How does homology provides
evidence for evolution? Write the research question on the board and identify/
brainstorm ideas for the presentations." Topics include:
? Genetic homologies
? Homology in the fossil record (including vestigial structures)
? molecular homologies
? developmental homologies
? anatomy and physiology
? species of interest
Divide the class into groups, each group selecting a presentation topic.
Outline work expectations and identify the logical sequence for presentations.
Discuss information competence: questions to evaluate the research credibility
of Web sites:

? What does the domain name tell you about the authority of the site?
? What do the links within a site and the presentation of data tell you about
the objectivity and professionalism of the site?
? What are some ways to verify the information using other Web sites?
This works because when investigating "evolution" students invariably encounter
resources that expound beliefs and teach dogma as opposed to testing theories
with scientific evidence.
Used in course? Yes