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Trésor de la Langue Française informatisé

This site provides the largest French dictionary available on line and free of cost. The TLFi is a high quality working tool for students and teachers. It offers customizing tools, and several possibilities of search. Words can be entered even with a wrong spelling, which is really a great help for beginners.


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Isabelle Virion
Isabelle Virion (Student)
19 years ago
The Tresor de la Langue Francaise informatise or TLFi is a very efficient on
line dictionary. Designed to help people deal with the complexity of French
spelling, it offers different ways to enter a word. Words can be entered with
the keyboard, phonetically, or they can be selected through alphabetically
indexed pages. The system accepts wrongly spelled words, and proposes to the
user the closest correct spellings. The TLFi provides customizing tools such as
colours that can be used to distinguish various elements of an entry, like the
part of speech,the definition, the etymology or the examples. This makes the
usually compact looking dictionary page much easier to browse. Special functions
such as "liste de mots" or "recherche assistee" provide interesting linguistic
tools to find, for example, words which have the same root, rhyming words, or
words of foreign origin. They can be easely used by teachers to create original
exercises. The function called "recherche complexe" really deserves its name,
and requires practise from both teacher and student before they can benefit from
it. The "recherche simple" can be used by beginners, but in order to grasp the
meanings of the words and the full content of the entries, students should have
at least an intermediate level. Navigation through the site is clear and easy.
Even though the explanations available through the "aide" button are often
complicated and abstract, the interrogation marks provide helpful and simple
examples on almost every page.

Technical Remarks:

The TLFi offers two ways of access to optimize its use: dial up or ADSL.
On each entry page there is a "prononcer" button which should allow the user to
hear the word, after downloading Real Player One. This function, described as an
experimental one, does not work satisfactorily.
Used in course? Yes