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IB Economics Review Guide

This is a free wikibook designed to cover International Business Economics. The following are the topics in the Table of contents: Introduction to Economics 1.1 Basic Definitions 1.2 PPF and PPC 1.3 Free Market vs Planned Economy Microeconomics 2.1 Markets 2.2 Elasticities 2.3 Theory of the Firm (HL) 2.4 Market Failure Macroeconomics 3.1 Measuring National Income 3.2 Introduction to Development Developed and developing countries.PNG 3.3 Macroeconomic Models 3.4 Demand-side and Supply-side policies 3.5 Unemployment and Inflation 3.6 Distribution of Income International Economics 4.1 Reasons for trade 4.2 Free trade and protectionism 4.3 Economic integration 4.4 World Trade Organization (WTO) 4.5 Balance of payments 4.6 Exchange rates 4.7 Balance of Payment problems 4.8 Terms of trade... Show More


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