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Matrix multiplication: an interactive micro-course for beginners

Matrix multiplication: an interactive micro-course for beginners

This one page document explains the basics of matrix multiplication. It uses illuminated text animations to help students see how matrix multiplication is done.


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Claudia Ayerdis
Claudia Ayerdis (Student)
11 years ago
One of my favorite topics, matrix. This site is use full at giving the basics on how to multiply and the rules of multiplying matrix's. I like how it highlights the equation inputs with the outputs making it easier to remember the steps to be taken. This method was used in the class with my Finite math professor. He was able to explain and illustrate this method and make it easy for us to re-identify it on our examinations.

Technical Remarks:

This site is very short. Easy to get to and definitely easy to use.
Used in course? Yes
Amit Rajwani
Amit Rajwani (Student)
11 years ago
After browsing the Merlot website for at least 30 minutes, I came across to this website. It educates us about Matrix Multiplication that I have studied in my finite mathematics class. Multiplying matrices are really easy, but when u get the concept. It also can be tricky if you do not know how to solve it the right way. This website gives us more information on how to multiply matrices together. First, it tells us to multiply a row matrix with a column matrix of the same length. It also shows us an example on how to work through a matrices problem. I spent a few hours in understanding the material from this website and compared it to how I understood in my finite mathematics class. This is an excellent website because it has visuals, if you are not an English speaker you can still understand the concept by looking at the visuals. I think that Merlot has some great information that can educate us and help us understanding the material better. At last I would like to say that, this is a great resource for the students who have trouble understanding the concept of Matrix Multiplication.
Used in course? Yes
Elaine Aguilar
Elaine Aguilar (Student)
11 years ago
I spent about 15 minutes reviewing and testing my knowledge on this webpage and thought this was one of the better sites I've discovered on MERLOT. The site is a brief introduction to multiplying matrices and the concepts were clear, easy to follow and the material is presented with simple explanations and excellent visuals. This site would have made my life a lot easier when I was learning matrix multiplication. This website would definitely be effective in enhancing a student's learning because it was interactive, making solving the application easy to follow and the visual highlights reinforce the material. First time users will find the software easy to use because its straightforward and very user-friendly.
Used in course? Yes