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Statistics by Walter Antoniotti is a non- calculus based set of course notes for people who want to learn the material covered in a traditional comprehensive college statistics course. Each learning unit begins with a concise topic outline (usually 2 pages). Keeping descriptive material to a few pages makes learning difficult concepts easier. Each topic outline is followed by a one- or two-page practice set and one or two pages of Quick Questions. The order of practice problems follow the topic outline so students need look back only 2-pages to about the same page location of the topic outline to get help when doing a problem. This format is followed with Quick Questions. Statistics is divided into four parts. Each part ends with a formula review and a test. Part VI entitled The Professor's Answer Book provides complete solutions to all practices set problems, Quick Questions, and test questions. These complete solutions help a student understand difficult concepts. Data sets are provided for those using SPSS, StatQuest, and MiniTab. A companion book, Excel Statistics Lab Manual is written in Excel worksheets and contains the problems and data sets for all the problems in the Statistic book. Excel directions are provided below the problems so students can easily use Excel to do the arithmatic, do an analysis, and compare their analysis with the author's which is contained in the following worksheet. Links to Internet tuitorials are provided for most topics and there is a special section of writting a research paper links.


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Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown (Student)
8 years ago

I was looking for basic materials on use of SPSS (how to get started) and was pleased with the links to the "Free Video Lectures" that led me to some introductory SPSS tutorials which were excellent and met my needs.

Technical Remarks:

There is a lot of material here. It is easy to get lost.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes