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To Quote the site: "Simulation of a single plant cell. In real life it would be very difficult to isolate it like this. But then, this is a virtual cell. As you look around this cell things should look real, however they are models that are only an approximation of the real things. And since we do not want to deceive you, but teach you, we included real electron micrographs. Look at them and keep in touch with reality." The site allows you to explore the cell membrane, chloroplast, thylakoid, mitochondrion, crista and nucleus of a plant cell.


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pyle tena
pyle tena (Teacher (K-12))
6 years ago
When an organism grows,the cells it is made of becomes bigger.When it gets too big,then the surface area volume ratio becomes so small that gaseous exchange cannot take place. Growth usually involves cell division in order to make new ones.