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BBC's Mundo Latino

BBC's Mundo Latino

This excellent website includes very informative readings and audio components on the current situation of the latino experience in the U.S.A. The readings cross the ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries, e.g., the undocumented worker in Los Angeles or the three generations of Cubans living in Miami. There are also biographies and interviews of many famous individuals in many walks of life.... Show More


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Rafael Gomez
Rafael Gomez (Faculty)
20 years ago
The review of this material included more than two hours reading, interacting
and listening to the variety of materials from this site.

This web site was designed to describe the characteristics and explain the
impact of the Latino community in the United States. They achieve these goals
by a combination of testimonials from different Latino individuals, analyses of
demographic data and commentary by journalists and academicians.

The BBC?s Mundo Latino is divided into four different sections. Section one,
introduccion, discusses the aims of the project. Section two, mapa interactivo,
provides a rich assortment of factual information about Latinos in California,
Texas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and New York with the corresponding
bibliographical citations. Section three, vivencias, presents short
autobiographical vignettes by a broad spectrum of Latinos. Section four,
figuras, presents in interview format different prominent Latino figures
including activists, athletes, writers and entertainers. The final section,
audio, includes audio material dealing with different aspects of the Latino

Intermediate-high and advanced level students can use this site. It is well
suited for classes designed for heritage speakers.

I. Content Quality

This web site provides an excellent introduction to Latinos in the United
States. It offers a rich assortment of authentic materials ranging from
statistics and facts to interviews and autobiographies. Maps, charts,
photographs and audio files supplement these materials. The articles and the
audio materials present an interesting, well-structured and cohesive
introduction to the topic. The site offers examples of different writing
styles, from the intimate personal to the impersonal scientific style.

II. Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

This web site can be used as the raw material for a unit on Latinos in the
United States. It will need to be supplemented with vocabulary, grammar and
cultural explanations and exercises. In addition it can be enriched by adding
pre-teaching activities, such as: brainstorming, analysis of visuals, titles,
pictures, skimming and scanning and other pre-reading techniques. The same can
be said for the audio component of the web site. Finally, the materials lend
themselves to a series of follow-up exercises and for the more advanced levels
as the starting point for projects dealing with a deeper discussion of the

III. Ease of Use for Both Student and Faculty

The site is very well designed and it is easy to use. It has a clear set of
objectives and a logical cohesive structure. The variety of activities
contributes to the achievement of the overall goal of the site. The audio files
and links provided in the last section give the user a starting point for
further development of the topic.

Technical Remarks:

Internet Explorer or Netscape browser and Real Audio player
Margarita Esparza Hodge
22 years ago
Perhaps, the best are the audio series providing a rich assortment of topics:

Latinos, !SI! (Una miniserie de Via Libre de la BBC.)
Programa 1 - La importancia del voto latino
Programa 2 - Latinos en Washington
Programa 3 - Los Angeles, ciudad multicultural
Programa 4 - Miami, el poder del voto latino.

La Palabra Americana (Una serie de la BBC sobre el espa?ol de America.
Presentada por Eduardo de Benito y producida por Horacio Brum. Archivo 1991)
--Chicanos - Poesia y educacion bilingues

Entre Dos Mundos: Ni?os y Migracion a EE.UU. (Una serie de la BBC que recorre la
vida y las esperanzas de los ni?os y jovenes latinoamericanos en Estados

Within the Audio page, other BBC Series links can be found listed under:

--Sucedio en el Siglo XX
--Un siglo, diez historias: figuras latinoamericanas del siglo XX
--60 a?os de un puente latinoamericano
--Precaucion: ni?os trabajando
--Otras series especiales.

The website is ideal for intermediate and advanced Spanish language students,
and especially beneficial for Spanish for Heritage Speakers courses. The
heritage speaker will easily identify with the themes covered. Many writing
activities can be generated from the themes based on the common experiences.