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How a Hard Drive Works

How a Hard Drive Works

Have you ever wondered how the storage system inside your computer works? Well, this tutorial illustrates how a hard drive is constructed and how it actually works internally. It also demonstrates how a read/write head floating over a magnetically coated platter can result in binary data being sent to the computer.


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Barbara Myers
Barbara Myers (Faculty)
12 years ago
This simulation could be used in a number of classes. It could help students in their first computer class understand how a hard drive works. It could also be used in hardware classes.
John Witkowski
John Witkowski (Administrator)
14 years ago
I was looking for tutorials to give my students an idea of how the inside of a computer works. This one shows gives an explanation of how a hard drive works and shows students a graphic to illustrate the point.

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I had no trouble using this material.
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Mark Moran
Mark Moran (Faculty)
18 years ago
I used this java object in a computer hardware class and found it to be a good
demonstation of how a hard drive works.

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Java object works with no errors
Used in course? Yes